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Help: What could be a fitting category for this Waymark?

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Hi friends,


as I told you before, I came to Waymarking via the frustration that all (my) Challenges were removed in December 2012. I invested a lot of research and time into those listings, far ahead of silly things like "Kiss a frog!", of course.


One of my Challenges was to imitate the Groundspeak souvenirs. Some of them show fictional things and scenes but others display real scenes. So does the souvenir for Geocache finds in Hamburg, Germany. In fact, that Challenge was the one with the most positive votes from people all over the world.


I now tried to set a similar Waymark, recycling parts of my old Challenge listings. But it seems that there is no category for it. "Scenic Roadside Look-Outs" rejected it since there is no parking space and their category was designed for "real" lookout points; "Scenic Overlooks" denied it since there is a one-direction lane that you can drive in by car. If you ask me, no offence, both groups acted a bit petty but, well, I have to accept their decision. There is a third category, "Photo Goals", but they require some kind of "action", not just people standing around or even GPS receivers only in the picture for those who are photo-shy.


Any proposals for a fitting category? Or could this idea even be a possible new category called "Groundspeak Souvenirs Alive"?


Thanks for any kind of help and remarks!

Viele Grüße, alsterdrache

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@ lumbricus: Thank you so much for this great help! I try it now with Official Local Tourism Attractions. Viele Grüße nach Bayern!

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