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American Geocoins sold other countries

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I have been thinking about this lately. But on the other hand I don't want to be rude so I didn't ask. But since I keep wondering abaout it I still think I should ask.


As a Dutch geocacher, who also likes geocoins and who somethimes buys some. I was wondering: In my country we have a lot of different geocoins that can be bought. Now I mostly like a theme that a geocoin represents. Like WW2, typical Dutch Geocoins, firedepartment/abulance, memorial things etc. The thing however that I see more and more (at least to my fealing) is that many Geocoins here become USA themed. They are from a certain USA state and many have a USA flag on them. Like I noticed a fire department geocoin. I like the coin, but I didn't buy it becasue it had a USA flag behind it.


It is just me, or do we Dutch (European) people get more and more USA coins, becasue there are less made in our own country?

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It all started in the US, both geocaching and geocoins. Thanks to US satellites geocaching has become possible to the public, all over the world. In Europe we have started geocaching, geocoining and everything else involved in these nice hobbies a bit later. Originally only US and Canadian geocoins were available, but today we can see more and more beautiful geocoins from Europe.


I'm almost sure that you don't know about all those great European geocoins that are out there nowadays, so it may be a good idea for you to visit this German website for geocoin collectors that can be compared with Cointracking.com and which I think is even better. In the near future all text there will become available in English too!


I have an account there myself and it has struck me to see how many geocoins originating from European coutries are listed there, many more than I knew about or even would have expected!


But geocoins from countries outside Europe do belong in one's theme collection, like firefighter coins, state- or country coins, reptiles, etc. don't they? What's the problem if there is a US (or another country's) flag on a geocoin if it's one that fits in your collection?

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This actually comes up in my thought process a lot. I am part of a company that runs a monthly geocoin club. We make and send thousands of geocoins each month to our members around the world. One of the things we discuss in our monthly meetings is to specifically NOT just make the geocoin US themed because that's easier. I'm not saying it never happens, but we try very hard to not just take clip art and make a US Holiday or Theme because it falls in that month. Rather we strive to make a more general geocaching or worldly theme, so that our coin recipients don't share your feelings.


However, like Captain Zulu said, I think there is definitely a place for US themes and logos on coins that are made for specific reasons, whether by a company or personal user. They are often very cool thought out designs.


Besides, there is plenty of room for all kinds of shiny metal things ;)



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Tenzin, the national flavour of geocoins you see relate to where they were produced. The volume of those coins, the sheer numbers of the different designs really relates to the head start American coin makers have had over other nationalities. Not to imply it's a race but European geocaching and geocoin production came about 6 years after the US. And the sheer production of geocoins is larger in the US so European vendours carry more US made coins than do US vendours with EU coins.


Geocoin production is not cheap and selling off an entire stock is not guaranteed. So you may find that designs that have been made before, like the ones you say you look for, may not be tempted again because they've already been done and may not sell well if done again. Not all coin designs become Tranquilities with their 40-some editions and multiple production runs that are all highly collectable. it's really a gamble.


Anyway, hope that helps and sheds slightly different light from what was wisely offered by previous posters.

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Yes, I do understand it better now. :)

It is just I also like collecting them. And I don't want to end up with an American collection, while I am a European. I definitly know that European ones are not seen all around the world. And I also think that is the beauty of it. They are from this region. The geocoins I collected now are 1/4 USA/Canadian, the rest is European or personal coins.


I also will have a look on that German site. I do speak a little bit of German, so I can figure that one out. :P I also did discover a good German website with a lot of EU Geocoins for good prices. Only disadvantage is that the shipment cost outside Germany are a bit ehh.... expensive. Kinda weird, since I live 2 hours from the German border (price for shipment to USA or Autralia is the same as for their neighbour country :S ).... but okey. Maybe I will buy some there later on, when I buy more then 2 a 3 at a time per month.

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#Tenzin from a different persective I am North Americian based but what I'm seeing is more European based coins. That's not a bad thing but it does present problems in sometimes by the time I get notified or that I see a coin received here on the forums, it has already been sold out. I think you maybe seeing more US coins only because of over the years as Droo has stated they've had more had ahead start. I do believe this is turning around, in fact and many new and wonderful coins are coming from the European based designers and shops. Shipping of course is another issue and we can complaint to we're blue in the face but it won't do as any good as these are set by government order and for the most part are reasonable at the shops. Note that one of our Canadian designer's is very much designing and selling in Netherlands and doing a bang up job at it too :)

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And I don't want to end up with an American collection, while I am a European.


I never asked where a design originates, as long as it appeals to me.


If I'm interested in firefighters and want to get coins themed on this passion of mine, would I care, if it was about German firefighters or Canadian, Australian or US firefighters? They all do a great job and a coin to remind us all of this selfless risking of life is fantastic regardsless of the country they live and work in.


There are a lot of European coin shops you could check out. International shipping is always dear, but you could order together with friends from those shops, so the postage is less per coin.


For me part of the fun of geocaching and coin collecting is the internationality. I have quite a few coins about German cities and regions, but also quite a lot of European and American regions. I like those, even if I never will manage to visit those regions.

Personally I don't see an overwhelming mass of American coins, there are quite a few European coin designers and vendors out there. Might be, they aren't as present on these forums, though.

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