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History of GeoWoodstock I. How did it all come about?

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The first Lackey involvement with any GeoWoodstock wasn't until GW3 in Jacksonville, where Jeep Travel Bugs were distributed to the attendees. So, you won't get much input from Lackeys about the first GeoWoodstock. None of them were there.


The first GeoWoodstock (June 2003, in Louisville) started with the concept of getting together all the people who had found 1,000 caches. Back then, that was the very top of the stats list. Of course, many others joined in the fun as well.


JoGPS is rightly regarded as the "Father of GeoWoodstock" and Show Me The Cache, local to Louisville, is among the small group who have attended each GeoWoodstock. Forum moderators BruceS, robertlipe and mtn-man were also there at the very beginning. People like those five and others in attendance would be best situated to elaborate on the history.


From talking with the organizers, it's safe to say that a lot less planning went into GW1 than the subsequent events, which grew each year into the Mega-Events we see now.

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I emailed Joe yesterday to alert him about this thread. He doesn't play in this sandbox much anymore, so it might take a day or two for him to post. I wasn't at GW1 so I have nothing to offer. But I did make it to #2 (and every GW since) where I met Keystone, Mtn-Man, Joe, and many others who have become my long time geopals and for that I am thankful.

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