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We thought we were done with a nice 3 coin series of guardian woodland spirits. Time to move on to one of nature's most notorious cachers. Minutes into the research however, an ancient tale of mystical relations between this animal and the forest spirits would unfold. There are legends explaining the appetite for treasure this animal is consumed by. The legends are old... REALLY old. The more we dug the more we became enchanted by this story. A woodland spirit to equal the Waldgeist of tricksome nature or benevolent benefactor. A spirit that could choose to live as a human if the right conditions were met or could choose to ruin a human's fortune with their incredible strength and wit if they were ever abused. A complicated collection of legends to match the complicated nature of these highly intelligent animals. Possibly one of the world's first legends promoting equality between men and women, too. There are so many twists to this story from region to region and country to country!


The second international collaborative effort between USA Designer Christian Mackey and Russian Federation Illustrator Andrey Popov to be produced by GxProxy.com


Size: 2" x 4-5mm+

Mold Type: 3D both sides

Special Effects: Swarovski Crystal placement

Shape: Round

Enamel style: Soft Enamels / Translucents

Trackable at Geocaching.com

with Custom Icon

Edge Tracking


More to come...

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