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Download caches found in excell format

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There may be other ways to do this (and much more effective ways at that...) but...


If you go to Project-GC and create a Map Compare with just your username in the search fields you'll get a map (obviously) with all the caches you've found on it - and underneath will be the caches listed with various information about them. Highlight the cache information (click and drag) and paste into Excel seems to work - it did for me anyway. You'll just need to hack the headers around a little.


You'd probably want to add the Disabled/Archived filter as well.


You will have to do this for each country in turn unfortunately.

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Project-GC ? Where do you go to get into that ?

You need to authenticate your account - i.e. link it to your account here - before you can do anything on there, but once you've done that this link:




should produce your US map (if you click on the link it'll take you to an authentication request first I think).


Once you have that:


- you can change the country (and lots of other interesting things) by clicking on where it says Filters with an arrow above the map


- below the map there should be a tab that says Only qaz found. Click that and you'll get your list of caches. The GC number is included. The date isn't unfortunately.


- you may also find the Profile > Profile Stats link at the top quite useful possibly.

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