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adopt a geocach.

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Hi there I was looking for geocaches to hit and i did my research. it is still there but i am pretty sure it is abandoned. is there a way i can log this cache as a find and after take it over? Here is the gc GCQ3P4 Could anyone give me advise ?

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If you found it, you can log it as a find of course. But cache adoptions have to be initiated by the cache owner.


Looking at the profile of the owner of the cache in question, it appears they are indeed no longer in the game (last visited the site in 2009, last logged a cache in 2008). Your options are either try to contact the owner through their profile and offer to adopt it (good luck with that), or log a Needs Archived, wait for the reviewer to archive it, and then place your own new cache there.


BUT, I don't think that latter option is very likely either....the cache has been found numerous times recently, with no DNF's, no Needs Maintenance logs posted, no mention in any of the recent logs that the cache is missing or in terrible shape. In short, absentee owner or not, the cache is still in place and still valid, no there's no real need to archive it at this time. Perhaps the finders have been doing minor maintenance, replacing logsheets and such, for the last couple of years. But still active caches usually don't get archived just because the owner doesn't play anymore.


ETA: Looking again I see someone did actually post a NM recently for the log being damp. Don't count on the owner responding though.


Initiate the Needs Archived process if you feel it's appropriate. Maybe the reviewer will agree, who knows? But you won't be able to adopt it, only remove it (if it gets archived) and place your own at the location.

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Your problem with attempting to adopt a cache from an unresponsive CO, is that you need to get the CO's permission to perform the adoption.

It's called Catch-22.


This CO doesn't look like he has been on-site since 2009, he hasn't recorded a Find since 2008.

I think you are outaluck trying to adopt this cache.

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