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new geocachers!

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icon_smile.gif Howdy Folks:This game can be a hoot. What I do before I go out is print out the de-crypted details of Cache. It is good to have a copy to take along. If at first you don't find it them clues can be the difrence between finding and not. I also have a program called ALL topo for the State you are in. Around a hundred bucks. Then you convert WGS84 to Nad 27 CONUS. This can be done on the main Geo-cache web page.Then plott up a map and you can pick coordinates for roads turns and so forth. Then print out your map and happy hunting.
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I use a Garmin E-Trex Vista and a Garmin GPS 12XL.The 12XLK Jas a better signal under the canopy qith an exturnal antenna.

I also have the MapSource software and use a laptop in the truck with me at all times. This make it easier to drive to the cache and have the roads along with the tracking mode turned on. This way you can see where you are and where you are going. I use the topo version of MapSource and this way I also get a good idea of the topography in the area of the cache.

You can download all the waypoints from you gps into the software and then just drive to them.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me through my Geocaching profile.

I hope you have as much fun as the rest of us are having.


Cache On!

Indy Diver



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We use a Garmin GPS12 and a Magellan Sportrak Map. The SporTrak has WAAS, and will generaly keep a better lock, but there have been times when the Garmin did better (snowy condidtions)

Besides having a laptop with us, we also have a Pocket PC and are able to "take the website with us" on the trail. For the Pocket PC we use GPXview to view the cache pages. For the laptop we use ExpertGPS and have MapSend Topo to tie in with the SporTrak Map. Take your time though, we started with just a Garmin E-Trex and carried the printouts on the trail. We have added the bells and whistles over the year. In fact I have seen many logs where the cache was found by someone using only a topographical map and compass. The important thing is to have fun.


Thanks for the Adventures



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We are newe to the geocahing as well, we have alot of fun, well we have only been to two so far. But they have been a fun two, the first one was only a log book but the park was nice we seen a peacock in the park which was very cool ecspecially to the kids. The second one was cool, we picked up a (big wheel) travel bug and are planning to drop it off on our way to Ohio. We are in Missouri so we plan to check out a few caches in IL.,IN.as well as in OH. SO far our we have found caches alright but the poision ivy at the last one was a little discouraging. Anyhow I am not up to date with all these fancy tools you all are talking about, we have topo maps software but not real sure on how to use it or how it could be helpful so any tips would be welcomed. Also noticed there were some Indiana folk with posts on here any recommendations for a good spot along I-70 to stop at on our way through?

Loving geocahing, and open to any comments or help that can be offered.

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I've been geocaching for lil over a year now. I sure as heck not a rich person. (I work for the State) So the most I ever spent was for my magellan Sportrak GPS. Would you believe when i first started out I went without a GPS. I went by the clues. I found a few that way but when i finally broke down and baught a GPS it was so much easier. But that is the only thing I have. I print out a copy of the page. Look at the map of the Area. I have a sweet Map program that came with my computer. But half the fun is getting in the area and driveing down backroads till you get to the right spot. Many of times I've been in tuff spots that if I didn't have Four wheeled Drive I might still be there. But My main thing is never give up. if someone found it before you it's still there. They are just good at hiding. Good Luck


Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike

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