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eXplorist GC VERSION 2.15

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Yeah, I noticed. My explorist is a battery devourer and has been since I got it. I updated it not long ago and it still seemed horrible. One thing I did notice with the update is that you can change the "battery type" in your settings (I.e. - rechargeable, alkaline, lithium). Since discovering this, my battery life has gotten a tiny bit better, but not by much. Another thing to preserve battery life....if you're on a long hike and know the general direction you're going, use the stand by feature. Simply hit the power button and select stand by. It will still track you, but it will turn the screen off to preserve battery.

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Has anyone noticed that with version 2.15 batteries live seem to be 1 hour if that. eXplorist GC

Any info would be helpful


Make sure you are selecting the proper battery type in Tools -> Setting -> Power -> Battery type. It shouldn't have any affect on battery life but your battery meter will read incorrectly making you think that you have more or less time than you actually have.


If you use non-rechargeable batteries you'll get the longest life from lithium batteries, sometimes called camera batteries. Pay attention to the mAh rating and don't trust the mAh rating for any none name brand battery originating from China.


If you use rechargeable batteries you'll get the longest lift from eneloops. But remember rechargeable batteries don't last forever. They wear out over time and need to be occasionally replaced.

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