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Cacher needs a huge favour - seychelles

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I have just arrived in Victoria in the seychelles with work to discover my gps unit hasn't survived the trip,

I am desperatley seeking someone who would be kind enough to take me to as many caches as possible in

Mahe, Seychelles.


I only have Sunday afternoon from 1315 on the 19th jan 14 before i leave, so anyone who is free and willing to help

out a stranded englishman please contact me on 260 8617(work) or 07870567825 (1000 onwards)


I am willing to supply fuel, food, alchohol, cash, pretty much anything (within reason) to anyone who can help me out.


Many thanks



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You might have more success with one or more of the following strategies:


1. Review the list on Project-GC.com of top finders who live in the Seychelles. Write emails to them, concentrating first on geocachers who have been active in recent years.


2. Look at nearby caches and write emails to their owners and to very recent finders - if the recent finder is visiting on business or on holiday, they may still be in the area.


3. Become an expert at finding caches based on studying the online maps and aerial photos linked from the cache page. This works best for caches in populated areas where you can reference nearby streets or other landmarks. In natural areas you would want to pinpoint a nearby tree, rock formation or other landmark visible from the aerial photo views.


4. If you have a smartphone, but you don't already use a geocaching app, now would be a good time to download the official Groundspeak App for iPhone or Android or Windows Phones, whichever is applicable. Beware data roaming charges if you are using a phone on a data plan that doesn't include international use. To overcome that, download a pocket query for the area (there's less than 40 active caches) and save the caches in the pocket query locally to your smartphone. You can then use your phone like a GPS, keeping it in "airplane mode" to avoid international use charges.


Good luck to you, and sorry to hear about your GPS.

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