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New Gas Pump Geocoins are in and now available

mo pirate

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Got mine today... the pictures don't come close... they are awesome in hand! What a concept and what a final result! Congratulations on a coin that will be a collectors item for sure.


As for that guy in Nevada, I took them out of the box, gased up my jeep and am driving around to a few events bragging.... :laughing:


That 'guy in Nevada' ... is actually in California. I 'used' to live in Nevada and the name just sorta followed me. :D


Never shoulda left Nevada ... got OUR box today and all the gas had been siphoned ... :blink: ... now we're REALLY stuck here in California !!






anybody selling electric charging stations ?? ... maybe I'll get an electric car instead ... :huh:

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No wonder the pumps were all siphoned ... my geocoin addict partner beat me to the box today. :o


She gets the gold ... I get the shaft .... :rolleyes:


VERY nice indeed. Pleased with the whole deal, even counting in the long painful wait ... :laughing: ... I think these were all delivered by overnight missile.




If you didn't order any ... you'll be s-o-r-r-y ... B) Thanks Steve !!!


Now all I have to worry about is how to pay for our Postal Carrier's hernia ... :D

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No wonder the pumps were all siphoned ... my geocoin addict partner beat me to the box today. :o

She is a sensible woman! Regular gas at 29.9 cents a gallon. I have to figure out how to re-fill at that price!


If you can't figure it out, drop a line to JoenSue. They said in their post that they just used these pumps right out of the box to fill their Jeep.


'Must' be easy ... like a Staples button. :)

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Unfortunately, all of my AE and XLE editions have been swallowed up! SO as Nick says if you have not ordered, you better hurry. I still have RE versions in all 3 color schemes. And I still have some of the LE combos. About 6 red/blue glitter and about 12 of the Blk/gold glitter editions.

Here is the RE in yellow/black.


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Well a couple people on facebook noticed the secret words. Nick must be getting old and slow!


anyhow I still have REs available. I also got 20 Mobil tags from Gemma.


Here is the link to order.My link


No doubt that I am ALREADY old .... and 'slow' is the Order of the Day ...


Maybe 'cuz I really don't FB much at all and have ABSOLUTELY no interest in flipping between GS and FB trying to associate the two.

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