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MI....Little business cards in cache boxes!?


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I asked this question on MIGO site and only got one reply, and he wasn't sure either, so I thought I might ask here. Sometimes in the caches, you see what looks like business cards with team names and some coordinates on them. Are these used instead of signing the log? Are the coordinates other caches or their home coordinates? I saw some neat ones and was just wondering. Thanks, FLEABANDIT icon_razz.gif



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those are nice looking (avatar). i better get my butt in gear working on mine. hmm, should i put a bow in ms. bigfoots hair? hee hee I work for a commercial printer, I'm going to see if they can print a plastic card at an inexpensive price. no need for lamination then, and waterproof.

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We put what I called "cache cards" in our first three caches. I made them up on business card stock with the geocaching logo in the corner. I put the cache site coordinates on the cards, the name of the cache, and a list of what was in the cache at the start. They also said "congratulations you found it". I also made up a couple of the cards which said "congratulations you were the first", along with the rest of the stuff on the card.

I intended them to be sort of like ham radio QSL cards. Old ham enthusiasts used to exchange their QSL cards (about the size of post cards) with other ham operators who they made contact with all over the world. Not sure they still do that. Just thought it might be something other cachers would like to keep. But not too many people who have visited the caches have taken them.

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