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Did any one else have their pictures(avatars) disappear? I know I did not do anything for this to happen and I have been unable to replace that picture- It is not earth shattering, but I was just wondering.


Never happened to me. Looking at the caches you've found I see what you mean. Some of the avatars around Ottawa disappeared, but instead of returning to the Groundspeak's default emotionless grey face like it seems yours did, they turned to little symbols to show the image wasn't available. I'll look to see if anyone else who I know has their's disappear.

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Did any one else have their pictures(avatars) disappear?

Yes, it was related to the crash of one of the image server at Groundspeak.

Unfortunately Groundspeak was not able to restore ALL images, including avatars.


I have just heard from our IT team that all possible recovery processes for the image issue that started two weeks ago have now been completed. Through a very long restore process, we've managed to recover approximately 95% of the compromised images, which represented 2.52% of the full image store.

Unfortunately, 5% of the images were unable to be recovered, which represents 0.126% of our total image store, or about 37,000 images (not including thumbnails, scaled versions, etc that are regenerated on the fly). Any users who at this point are still missing images will be required to upload them again to have them visible on the site.


Read more: http://forums.Ground...howtopic=317915

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