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International EarthCache Event Geocoins

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I'm mixed up on the different geocoins that were available for both of the events so far. I'm hoping someone can help tell what each coin was for. Forgive me if my plating names are off. Thanks.


The 1st event had three coins,

#1 has bronze plating with a red painted edge ring.


#2 has nickel plating with a black painted edge ring.


#3 has a pewter plating with no paint in the edge ring.


I know one of these was given to the volunteers as a thank you.


The 2nd event had two coins,

#1 has black nickel plating.

(I believe this is the coin that was for sale and was also given to the volunteers.)


#2 has gold plating.

(I believe this coin was given to those that were interviewed about Earthcaching.)

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1st event had three options


One was nickel with the black edge ring. The cutaway of the earth on the front had Yellow and orange glitter. (Volunteer?)

One was pewter looking with no paint on the outside ring. The cutaway colors on the earth was not glitter. (I think this was the one given to the first 500 that registered.)

One had the gold with the red ring. (Was the one up for sale at the event)


2nd event had two options as well.


One was the gold plating that was up for sale.

One was the black nickel that was given to volunteers and those interviewed about Earthcaching.


I traded my gold one for another volunteer black nickel and my wife did not buy another like I thought she did. So I am missing the regular one sold at the event. I also did not grab the one with the Red Ring.

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The 2nd event I am sure of, as I had all the nickel coins in my backpack to give to volunteers after they had completed most of their volunteer time. Plus we gave them to people completing a special interview about Earthcaching, speakers, some supporters of the program, etc.

The gold ones were the ones that were on sale.


The first year coins I just did not keep track of what was for what.


I did find that the Pewter (middle) is defiantly the volunteer coin. I found a few pictures from volunteers that stated that their coins were volunteer coins.


Of the first event there were 500 made for the first 500 that signed up (or paid for them?). I was right on the cusp of that number so I don't know where if mine was part of that first 500 or not.

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