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Offline maps for the Caribbean?

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Hi guys,


Going on a cruise in a month to Nassau Bahamas, St Thomas USVI, Puerto Rico & Turks & Caisos. I own a Garmin GPS Map 62S and wonder if there are any free maps I can install on my gps so I can Geocache while in these areas? I was thinking OSM, but will they work on my Garmin? Detailed instructions please as I'm not too good with this stuff.



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Yes, the OSM downloads will work on your 62s. Select the coverage you want and the website will generate an email to you stating the approximate queue wait time for it to be built for you. Then the website will email you when it's ready. You will have a choice of different file type for the product download. You will want the .img file. Comes as a Zip file named gmappsup.img. Simply unZip it, edit the .img file name to something else (like CruiseMap.img) and put it in the Garmin folder on internal or SD card memory.


You don't want to overwrite the existing gmappsupp.img! So it's important to rename your cruise mapset. Our 62s can have many individual .img map files, just name each uniquely.

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I've already pulled down fairly recent maps for the Caribbean from OSM, and have both the *.img (zipped) for your GPS and the *.exe for Mapsource/Basecamp if you want that, too. Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send them to you.


That said, OSM is a great tool, and well worth learning on your own.

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