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Small Bug (?): Incomplete subject line in app.

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Last weekend my daughter and I tried to find this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC49BWH_squirrels-hideout


We failed, even after reviewing the additional information from other geocachers in the app. According to the other visitors, a user by the name of jimmyg7929 posted updated coordinates that were closer to the cache. I couldn't find those updated coordinates. When I got home I visited the web site on my computer (yeah, I should have checked it on my iPhone while in the field, I know) and noticed that a posting by jimmyg7929 on that page does indeed list new coordinates, but it seems that those coordinates are somehow on a second line in the subject of his message. If you visit that ^^^ above URL and scroll down near the bottom you'll see his post with what looks like a two-line subject, but the problem is that second line doesn't appear in the iOS app at all.

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