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Will they live on?

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Due to not really having enough time to look after these Series of Caches I have decided to put then up for adoption :( . Many Cachers and Cacherettes have had a lot of fun doing this series, and it seems a shame to Archive them. These are all Old School Caches..Born 2005. Cunning hides, some great views and a box at the end with goodies in :cool: .

I hope that one of the finders of Alpha Quset-Z (GCRK3F) will take up this role. It may be to much for one person? :wacko:

Failing this i will either


1: Nominate the nearest Cacher/Cacherette to this cache :grin:

2: Consider splitting between teams :smile:


I will need to visit Alpha Quest-I to retrieve any `Funny Money` thats is in here. I will donate this to the New Owners chosen Charity

If interested then email me. Will They Live On :unsure:

I will update this topic in a few days with the outcome

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Would have loved to have looked after these for you, but unfortunately we now live even further away in Bristol. I hope you are successful in getting these adopted as they were a very enjoyable series and well thought out :).


Anyway I hope you are keeping well Roy, we haven't heard from you for a long time now. If you're ever in the Bristol area do pop in for a chat and a cuppa.

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After a hiatus of finding a couple of the series in 2005 & 2006 when I first started caching I have just started seeking more of the series.


Wish we could persuade you to stay in the game as creator ownership usually runs better than adopted over.


If it does go to adoptions hope you select some worthy and responsible teams.

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Getting some great response ..great link Mallah..Mad Hatter...phone blew up..lost numbers..give me a call..pop in for a cuppa sooner then you think!..Malpas wanderers..fear not..I taken that on board..I have had a few emails from some dear friends...

Will update in a few days. Bye

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Hello Roy and Happy New Year.


We are in the process of condensing all our hides, with the ultimate aim of only a select few remaining. As much as we'd like to adopt this great series, it would defeat our current objective. Try emailing RJMacready or Wynner 71, they have adopted some of ours recently and may well be interested (I don't think they come on here so wont see your posting). Good luck in finding new owners, these caches deserve to be kept :) .

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