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...log a second visit ?


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We want to revisit a cache we found a while ago and pick up the TB that is there as we know we can help it to its goal. When we log the visit should we log it as another 'Found' and would this increase our Found total ?


What is the general etiquette about revisiting caches ? There are some great cache sites we'd like to visit again and write in the paper log again and log our visit online but will it skew our true 'Found' stats ? I mean if another 'Found' hikes your stats up you could log your local cache ten times a day if you wanted to number chase (we don't as it happens !). We only want to have our stats show initial finds. This is going to be more of an issue to us soon as we want to visit a couple of TB hotels each time we go on our travels to help out with the travels of some TBs

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I'm glad for your question too because I didn't realize that a second found on the same cache counted toward the total. I regularly check caches while out hiking to keep them maintained and stocked with swag and sometimes would post that I was there a second time. Now, I've changed all those to 'notes' to remove any unearned 'finds'.

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