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Global Map of owned trackables

Mirage Breton
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Hello everyone!


I failed to find such a topic so I'm being quite daring here and I'm starting one... :anibad:

I have a few trackables roaming around and I would appreciate to have a world map with all of them pinned at their current location.


Does that even exist?

If not, is there a way to make such a thing work (with auto-updates, of course)?


Whatever the answers, I wish you all a very happy New Year!

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(They are an approved Groundspeak API partner)


Geotribes is a free web app created by Geotastic.com for all the Travel Bug and Geocoins lovers! Geotribes enables you to create interactive maps & statistics for all your geocaching Trackable items. Using the Geocaching.com Live API the site is updated each time you login and quickly shows you which of your Trackables last moved and where in the world they currently are
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There is a way though it can be labor intensive if you have a lot of TB's. Google maps enables you to input several sets of coordinates, though it will draw lines linking them together. If that doesn't bother you then, type in the coordinates just leaving a space for the degree symbol. Then click directions and in the blank type another one. And then you'll see that it has a space for another set of coordinates. When you use that one another one will come available. I haven't tested how long you can continue to find another one available as I've only done it for 8.

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