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Lithium Ion Batteries

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Has anyone used lithium ion batteries in their Colorado 400T? What has the experience been like? Any problems or issues?


I'm thinking of purchasing a set of lithium ions but after what I read on the Garmin site, I'm not so sure.


The website states: "It is not recommended that Lithium Ion batteries be used. In many cases these batteries exceed the limits of Garmin GPS devices and can cause irreversible damage."

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If Garmin tells you it is a bad idea why go forward?


There is a difference in a Lithium AA cell at 1.5 volts output and a Lithium Ion AA cell with a output of 3.2 volts. That means if you put 2 Lithium Ion AA cell in your Colorado you have approximately doubled the voltage. The electrical components of your Colorado probably will not handle the increase voltage and fail. Some of them may even smoke or catch fire.


Colorado Bear


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Check out this page:


My link


When determining which batteries will suit your application best, it is important to note, if Lithium batteries are chosen, that two distinct types exist.


Lithium Batteries

Lithium Ion Batteries


The difference in these two types of batteries resides in the voltage each produces. Please check to ensure that the voltage listed on the battery does not exceed the voltage requirement of your GPS listed in the manual.


The difference in voltage between the two batteries is as follows:


Lithium batteries have a voltage of 1.75V and are not rechargeable

Lithium Ion batteries have a voltage of 4.2V and are rechargeable


Often Lithium batteries are the preferred choice for those choosing to use such a battery. In many cases, a Lithium battery will need to be used after its voltage has dropped below the recommended voltage listed in the device manual. It is not recommended that Lithium Ion batteries be used. In many cases these batteries exceed the limits of Garmin GPS devices and can cause irreversible damage.

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Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries do come in AA form, but they are not advised for one major reason....a single 14500 cell (AA size Li-Ion rechargeable) is 4.2V when fully charged.


4.2v * 2 = 8.4v in a device designed for a maximum of 3.5 volts. That's a guaranteed instapoof!!! :blink:


Lithium-Ion rechargeable cells also require a specialized charger.

Put a 14500 in a charger designed for NiMh AA rechargeables, and you may lose your house in the fire that could follow.


The only Lithium batteries you should be considering are Lithium primary cells (i.e. Energizer Lithium).


I do use Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries in other devices (flashlights), but I am moving away from them back to standardized batteries.

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Don't confuse lithium-ion with lithium batteries, BIG DIFFERENCE.


If you mean the AA lithium batteries (they aren't rechargeable) they are ok to use, and last a lot longer than an alkaline battery, so overall cost is cheaper, even though the battery itself costs more.


The AA Lithium batteries are 1.5 volts, and in most cases can serve as a direct replacement.

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This is all news to me - why in the world would someone make an AA format battery that would destory the device - sounds like it would be easy to make the mistake and put one in there assuming the voltage would be the same or compatible. Is there any warning on the battery -what device are they intended for!

A variety of reasons. Some devices (usually flashlights) can operate on a range of voltages, and they are brighter when 14500 are used instead of AA. You can use AA battery clips, which is more common (and thus less expensive) than holders for, say, 18650.


You have to go out of your way to get 14500 batteries, so anyone with them will usually know better than just to pop AA sized batteries into a device. It's also always marked on the battery that they are 14500 3.7V. Most generic 14500 are also plain blue, though there are some with nice printing and all that looks just like a regular consumer AA at first glance.

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