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Geocaching Rocks!

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Hey everyone!


I just got a premium membership. Yay! I'm never going back... It makes me even more excited to get out and find some caches.

Just wanted to say that I think Geocaching is just the coolest thing ever and thank you to all my fellow geocachers for making it possible and fun :).


Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!



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Yesssss......yessssss.....your transformation to the Dark Side is complete! (Except for the Platinum Membership...we don't talk about that....)😊


Seriously, welcome to the benefits of PM. I don't know what your motivation was to upgrade, but now that you have, study up on some of the benefits, especially Pocket Queries. I think you'll enjoy it.

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Thank you!


I was just checking it out. I didn't know much about pocket queries, but I sure do now! :) Super helpful. Also, I didn't realize that there were so many Premium-only Geocaches around. There is a group of 12 or so only about a mile from where I live that I didn't even realize existed earlier.


Plus the statistics are pretty cool, being a nerd myself. ;)


Moral of the story: Get premium if you haven't yet!!!! XD

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