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Closing own account

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I have made a decision and I want to know if it is possible for a user to delete their own account.

Back a while ago a friend adopted my Below Above series for reasons some are aware of. I stopped finding caches soon after for the same reason and although I created a small ring near where I live I've now had those adopted.

I still own a few coins but will try to get those passed over which will mean I have no links left to geocaching.

I decided not to renew my premium membership and my next step will be to completely delete my account. Can I as user do that or will I have to contact Groundspeak?

I will publicly say thanks to all those who gave me such pleasure and support and acknowledge those who gave me so much abuse and harassment that it's made this decision the only option.

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Thanks for the support and although there is no intention of ever meeting these people they are not relenting. Recently one of them has joined a forum that I have been member of for a long time. As this forum covers an area they do not live near I wonder why? Also that same person I helped get membership to another forum and where they had made one posting in a year, suddenly they post 80+ images!

Their attitude is that they just won't let things drop. Persistent and selfish just about sums them up.

But the final straw was a recent logging of some of my coins. The logs were backdated by 11 months! I pointed out that there was no way these dates could be accurate and asked they delete the logs. These are parts of their reply;



I didn't realise they were your coins. I went through all the pics on my phone I'd taken during my travels and jotted them all down then logged them all automatically on the logthemall website under one date rather than one at a time on the geocaching website. At your request I've gone through and amended all the dates discovered and uploaded the timestamped photos of the coins to the TB pages (They're all date AND time stamped with the number obfuscated) to match the actual dates that I discovered them.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx coins were discovered on 6th Nov 2012 @ 5:35pm and 5:37pm xxxxxxx. Your xxxxxxx coin was discovered on 25th May 2013 @ 8:59pm via a picture you sent me of it. TBs aren't like caches. You can log them whenever and isn't unreasonable to log them at a later date. You can't archive them, but add to your inventory or mark as missing.

Happy Caching!


In other words, I am in the right and free to log when I want, irrespective of your feelings or request.


You still wonder why I've had enough?

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You still wonder why I've had enough?

Ummmm, yes?


I am sure there's more going on than just what you summarized. It would take a lot to make me delete my account and forswear a game that I liked so much.


If there has been a Terms of Use violation you can forward the matter to Geocaching HQ's customer service group. It would be much better to get the other person to cease and desist than for you to give up and quit. (Remember, though -- Groundspeak holds very limited sway over what's said in social media outlets that aren't theirs.)

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Thanks for the support and although there is no intention of ever meeting these people they are not relenting. Recently one of them has joined a forum that I have been member of for a long time. As this forum covers an area they do not live near I wonder why?

But it seems you have met them, as they have blogged very enthusiastically about visiting your caches in the company of you and others. And, with a finds count above 10K, should you be surprised that they've joined a forum away from their home area?


(Your trackables quote was enough to identify them ___)


Edited to add: it's a pity you're leaving. Good luck with whatever's next.

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Hmmm. I assume there must have been a lot more than we can read here for you to take such drastic action as to give up this great hobby. Although it's very late to be logging trackables, I don't see anything particularly objectionable in what you've quoted them as saying. I try to log trackables as and when I find them (and move them on asap), but I do sometimes jot down numbers at an event, then forget about it and log later. There's some even now I haven't logged and the last event I was at was a while back.


It's a shame to see someone go. I'd hang around, put them on your ignore list, and if there's abuse to report, report it through Groundspeak's channels. There's always bound to be some folk you get on well with and others less well - that's the hazards of having a very large community playing this game.


(Love the bear pic, by the way!)



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I would just leave.

No fuss and no shabang.

I would just go quietly. Very.


A slightly creepy and slightly sinister reply. Intrigued now so going to have a rummage.


Oooo oooo oooo you've found a whole 4 geocaches and you found your first in 2011. Wow. And so you would be part of this then. Making a wiiiiild assumption.

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I've worked out who it is now Marty. How odd a thing eh. I would have ignored the situation. The tide always always always turns. And it always destroys things or rather people like those in its path. Never fails.


I had to look up IBTL and that's saying something being as I've been on ... Well before they were forums, chat rooms for the last ... 15 years. Never seen that before. It's as you say I, out of context with being constructive lol. Anyway it's facebooks fault. Probably. It usually is. That or Jeremy Kyle. One of them caught the other changing their status to single etc etc.

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In the early days I felt like quitting after email abuse from another cacher. We (the other half has since died) were waiting to gain experience before setting caches – A.N.Other thought otherwise. A few years on I have 20+ active caches whilst A.N.Other appears to have given up caching and his hides are gradually being archived by reviewers due to lack of maintenance.


If you enjoy setting caches why let others drive you out? MAN UP and don’t let the (rude word)s win. Do you really want to be remembered as someone who set great caches (OK,in my case this would be by reputation rather than experience) but gave in to the naysayers? If you do – fair enough, get Groundspeak to disable your account and take up knitting.

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You still wonder why I've had enough?

As you've started this thread, perhaps you could explain? There's nothing offensive in that example, so it makes this a mystery. Perhaps you posted the wrong quote. Sorry that you seem to have been harassed, but advertising this without explaining will invite questions to be asked. The only logs that I've come across from these people seem to be extremely polite and pleasant.


I've had a geocoin logged by the same people, and the date doesn't match the date they visited the cache. Should I be enraged? If so, why? I must have missed something here. But if you're not willing to explain, then I shall have no ill-will towards you or the people you mention. I'll just assume that there has been a huge misunderstanding.

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BareClawz can no longer explain, his account is being deactivated at his request.


There is a lot more to this than he mentioned and I have seen some of it. I've also seen the stress it has placed on him and as he had major heart surgery 8 months ago the treatment and allegations he received from these people was unwarranted and I can understand why he has left.


He only wanted them to leave him alone, but the nice side the public sees is far different to the side I've seen.

My connection has been to become his friend and support him when I could, part of that has been adopting the Below Above series, lending him my laptop when his pc failed and being there for him. His only involvement now is helping me come up with new ideas and discussing ways of expanding and improving on what he started.


Some of those plans will be heard on the next Podcast show when he and I are interviewed and discuss the history, current situation and plans.


I don't totally agree with him starting this thread but I hope I can understand why he did.

From my point of view, I don't wish to be drawn any further into this and I just want to carry on geocaching and continuing to enjoy it as much as I am now as a geocacher and custodian of the Below Above series.



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It is a strange thing that these types of behaviours are tolerated. We have our own version and I am sure, because people are people, that every part of the UK has its own. I explain to my partner that it's not geocaching. It's just people. I've seen this frankly bullying in skydiving. In scuba diving. In the workplace. Just everywhere. It's people. But the strange thing I find in geoccahing which I have never encountered anywhere else is the reluctance to name and shame. Ohhhh sure plenty of emails flying back and forth about various people and whispered conversations at events ... but face to face confrontation or even a public shoeing on a forum ... well that does not seem to happen in geocaching.


I think there is something wrong with that. Peer groups are really our social compass. Often lack of information or detailed information perpetuates incorrect judgements. But time reveals the truth. So basically we or rather me (I can only speak for myself), knew only of this when this thread started. Did I need to know. Nope. Did I want to know ... well it sounds juicy so I guess. Will I be able to do anything about it. I have no idea. So what use am I. What use is this thread. Well it's simple really. Unless this situation involves a fix it badge it sounds dreadful. But judging by the replies some with a wayward moral compass seem indifferent. And that's wrong. We don't make people feel like bearclaws. And by openly talking about very very specific details of the situation you can make an informed judgement and reply accordingly. If that promotes a tide turn where these people get shunned, they will learn. I assure you. It may be uncomfortable it's may get ugly but they WILL learn. That's how society works. By being cagey and drip feeding bits and bobs it just bores people.


As it stands I have no idea what happened and I would hope that someone would be (as in every other part of society) frank enough to be specific. As for closing this thread - well that would be neurotic. Name and shame. Be specific. Lance the boil. They will learn how dislike their behaviour has been. They will see others perspectives. And they WILL change. If only they had the chance. Or they will sulk and clear off. Either way it's win win for geocaching and geocachers.

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Looks like we'll never know what happened. I'll keep an open mind, as there's no real indication of who did what to whom.


I've seen this before in geocaching, where apparently someone was bullying or pressurising someone else. In the end the "perpetrator" was doing nothing of the sort (as far as I could tell).


I'm not saying that's what happened here, but it could be that BareClawz has misinterpreted something or read too much into remarks. After all, his response to the geocoin log is very puzzling; and this is the only evidence presented. Sorry that BareClawz has decided to opt out, and sorry to hear about his health problems. But there seems no reason to smear the name of the people he seems to have fallen out with.

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This certainly opens up a can of worms and as has been mentioned it is easy to identify the individuals.


Now I don't like to get in the middle of feuds and I agree shouldn't smear others. I don't wish to here but I do have concern that somebody has pushed someone out of caching and are a member of the GAGB committee. Surely members who represent us need to be able to work these issues with us. That's not me picking sides but once dirty laundry is aired it would be nice to hear the other side from a member who oputs themself in the public.

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Ooohhhhhh see now that does put a completely different slant on it doesn't it. GAGB ... again ... He said I helpfully lol. Seriously it's not the GAGB's fault. I have noooo wish to inflate their sails any further but still. A policeman who is a bully and a filthy person is a person first and foremost. It is by coincidence or circumstance that he is a policeman ... AS well. It doesn't make police bad. It makes him bad although he IS in a position of responsibility it has to be said. Where as a GAGB member far less so.

But your post Metal, is a very good point.


Humphrey - I have to clarify your point a bit. It's a bit Woolley. You are totally negating the friend of Bearclaws' post. So that lends weight. All be it small or heresay it's still evidence of support. You cannot 'not mention' it. It's evident. And also you have not read the post on the coin correctly. You have read it but there are subtleties to it that show past events:


"Lol! I didn't realise they were your coins" is one example. Why would that be funny at all. Clearly the person concerned thought it amusing that they belonged to bearclaws. The puzzling thing is there are only two contexts where that would be amusing. Conspirital between friends or mocking. The long winded explanation defending their rite to claim the discoveries dispels the conspirital angle. Also bearclaws used that as an example. To us it is small feed but you can tell things have reached a stage where brief exchanges take place. The Happy Caching on the end is uneccesary. To me at least given the tone of the reply is either again mocking or is an exasperated attempt to appease bearclaws and not inflame the situation. But again there is not a friendly note to the message at all. It is factual and concise. But whoever wrote it was very careful to write it ... Emotionlessly with no perceived attacking tone to it. Except the first phrase. Unless they are friends why would it matter who's coins they were. People who are strangers or friends just do not converse like that. So not puzzling Humphrey as to why bearclaws would percieve a problem with it. But puzzling as to what has happened.

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