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Bring back WAP?


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What was the wap.geocaching.com site all about? I've never heard of it.
It was essentially a minimalist web site designed to work with mobile devices with limited bandwidth. I used it a few times with my smartphones in situations where my data connection was sketchy, where the minimalist WAP site worked better than the much heavier standard site.
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Think old style TTY/menu driven:


1. Find a cache

2. Log a cache

3. Log a trackable


(user types 1)


1. Find a cache by zip

2. Find a cache by coordinates

3. Find a cache by GC#


(user types 1)


Enter zip code:


(user enters 14450)


1. GC1111|Traditional Cache|Some cache name

2. GC2222|Traditional Cache|Another cache name

3. GC3333|Traditional Cache|and another cache name


you get the picture (these menus are terribly wrong as it's been a while since I've used it, but it was something like that.)


I liked it when using it on my old Treo 600 and 650 because of slow internet and small screens. But very few non-smart phones are smart enough to browse the web, and if they are usually people won't because they don't have a data plan and the costs add up quickly.

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What was the wap.geocaching.com site all about? I've never heard of it.

And they wonder why no one used it..


It was a very lightweight version of the site, no images, limited functionality. The few times I used it I thought it was a pain to navigate, but others seemed to like it I guess. It was a lot faster, especially on a fringe connection.

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I used it quite often, but it is now gone, so it will do no good to complain.

Same here. I have one of those "stupid phones" which downloads slowly. I do miss the WAP, but understand the need to safeguard security. Now, I just put it off until later or save the cache for a return trip.

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WAP was great thing.


When I was looking for a cache I had help - just go to wap, entered the code and read the hint.

When I was somewhere unplanned - just go to wap, entered the coordinates and find nearest caches.

When I saw a geocoin - just go to wap, enetered a code and wrote discovered log.

When there was a TB race - racers data were collected online from wap.


When I am now looking for a cache and have not hint, just write DNF.

When I am now somewhere unplanned, just do nothing.

I have now a mobile phone full of codes that I've seen I do not know where.

TB race has now old data of trackable names, kilometers are updated manually one per week.


I do not know what were this loopholes, but at least read-only WAP should be a good thing...

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I do not know what were this loopholes, but at least read-only WAP should be a good thing...


There were a few loopholes, which I assume were there because the WAP site came in through a different door than the regular site.


I have a functioning wap-like page that uses the GS API using some test API keys I have to give a minimal text-only presentation. It shouldn't have any loopholes or security issues since it's using the API. Perhaps I'll look into seeing GS would allow a production version of this.


My cell coverage is often there, but weak, and a minimal data use page would be helpful.

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