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Property protected by Federal regulations and do not permit geocaching

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What property is protected by Federal regulations and do not permit geocaching?

Depends on where you are. Federal prisons and surrounding property don't, for one. In my area, National Parks allow Earthcaches, and some even allow traditional micro caches. Yet one National Forest out here doesn't allow caches at all, while other NFSs do. So it is hard to give a definitive answer to your question.

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Outside of Federal Prisons and a few other secure installations... the only way to guarantee that any particular piece of property will/will not allow geocaches is to contact the (local) administrator of that particular property or reserve.


Many (U.S.) federal properties have blanket, yet flexible, regulations. But the final say-so comes from that administrator.

You can find some with no restrictions, some with harsh restrictions and some that refuse placements of any kind. Mileage varies greatly.

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