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Unknown Property Markers


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Visiting my dad in South Carolina, and I discovered, what I assume to be some sort of property markers. There are several of them that run along the East side of the property. Each marker is a concrete obelisk-shaped monument that rises no more than a foot from the ground, and is marked with a "PI" on the Eastward facing side of the monument. On the top of the monument is a metal square with either a number engraved into it, or a pair of numbers separated by a line. Does anyone know what these are specifically? Photos are in the links below:


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Parris Island?


Based on the location of Beaufort, I would be inclinded to guess PARRIS ISLAND.


But then again, I am GUESSING.


Yes, very close to Parris Island. I did not think about applying that to the abbreviation, but it's a plausible assumption. The initials all face the direction of Parris Island.

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PI = Point of Intersection?


Having gone through a bunch of surveyor maps and documents from Beaufort County, I noticed the correlation to "point of intersection" as well. There are 5 of these markers in a straight line vector, so it's hard to imagine that they are all POI's. It's possible though.

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