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mark on ebay


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$74 seems a bit pricy.


I've always wanted a survey marker sign but they only sell them in quantities of 20



Yes, that does seem a little pricey, especially for something you're not even supposed to have.



I found a sign like that once. Outside of my town, there's a BM that I know of, with a Carsonite Witness Post, with the NOAA logo, just like that one, pointing the mark out, I always look at it from the road when I go by, and I also placed a geocache next to it. Well, one day, I was checking on the geocache, and noticed that the Witness Post had been replaced with an identical brand new one, and that the old one was just sitting on the ground next to it. It wasn't even in that bad of condition.


Then, there's also this sign here. But I've seen replica signs like that, also on ebay, and for a lot cheaper, I have one of those too.

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There's one on eBay right now, it's (link removed)


It has 10 watchers. I know it's USGS and not NGS, but I halfheartedly tried to find it in the database, and could not.


If memory serves, it seems like we discussed the e-bay sale of discs here in years past and concluded that it was not proper/legal to sell them and that e-bay would pull the listing if alerted?

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TilliMurphs, I think you are right. I thought that Ebay pulled those listings without being told. After we talked about the legality of selling them they started being pulled from Ebay, so maybe someone was telling them.


I bought a marker on Ebay years ago, before we discussed it here. It had no stamping other than a date of 1935 and was very shiny so I figured it hadn't been used and may even have been given to someone for years of service (my thinking is that they had started work on the year stamped on it). When I got it I could see that it hadn't been used as the back was totally clean and the fins were in good shape.

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