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State Geocoins Collection

manu luq

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Hi all!,


I have been some time without writing in the forum, been reading the threads about the history of the first geocoins, and many others.


In short, I turned collector in the instant that I seen the first geocoin, I was hooked and soon was designing my own coins.


At first, I wanted have almost all the coins that I liked, but quickly I was specifying my preferences: egyptian themed, ancient civilizations, pirates, personals, state coins, etc.


Recently I have had to sell some of my best coins to buy other coins, because I can't have all the ones that I like, yes I like very much almost all the coins, however I don't need all of them to be happy, really only a few ones, so I've selected a bit more my preferences.


Through selling some of my coins I can get other coins, and so other collectors can enjoy some very VHTF coins, authentic and exclusive works of art, as I do when I do. Life is movement.


I have great satisfaction with these little gems, whether sophisticated or simple, each of them has its own history, which I like know.


Lately I'm focused in the personal coins and the state ones. I have found almost all data and their histories in the geocoins discussions forum. These forums have great historical value in the world of the geocoins.


For tidy my collection, I'm creating some pages on Blogspot for each theme. The first page is for the state coins (very dificult to obtain some of these), the second page will be for the personal coins (mission impossible to get some of the first coins).


After these pages, I guess will come the pages for the egyptians, pirates...


I'm also working on a short history of the coins, for me, because I like know their history, but I'll post here the result, as soon as possible.


In this first blog about the state coins, the card of each one contains:

The site where is trackable, if other than geocaching.com

Total coins minted

Diameter, thickness, weight

Finishes and types of edition

Designed/Managed by


Date minted or released

A link to the original thread of the coin in the forum, if available


Usually the footnotes are from the coin's thread in the forum.


If I'm not sure about any data, the field is left blank or there are an interrogation sign after data.

If you find any error or you have more data about any coin, let me know please, through the blog or in this thread.


In this blog you can do different searches, by year, by country, etc.

I'm seeking some of them, also have spares to trade or sell, I'll put an entry to all of these in the blog.


This work is not finished, it grows and evolves.

I'm glad to share it with all of you, collectors :)


Here is the blog: firststategeocoins.blogspot.com




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