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Sound clip on cache page

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Many users object to web pages that start playing sound or video when opened. Without warning, their computer's speakers have just awakened the sleeping family member on the couch, or interrupted the co-worker in the next cubicle. Based on past discussions in the forums, it's best practice to link to the sound clip on an external site, and give users the option of clicking on the link.

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It'd have to be something you click on to begin playing, as described above. (Good thing too, there are environments where unexpected sound from a web page can be unwelcome.)


Groundspeak filters out "active content" - including sound - from cache pages as they're submitted.


Yes, I didn't explain myself very well. The <BGSOUND> HTML tag has been filtered out, even if used by the cache owner, since about 2006. I'm not so sure about "clicking something to play the music" either. You mean like embedding a music player? I doubt you can even do that. Last I knew, you couldn't embed YouTube videos, which is pretty much the same thing.

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This was removed at the request of many many users. Before thinking about putting the effort into making a "cool" cache page you might want to consider how many people will actually read it. I would guess I actually read less than 5% of the cache pages of my finds if that. For most this hobby has evolved to downloading the pq to your device. Go find them. Upload field notes or log totally using GSAK. The page never gets read.

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I've solved a number of puzzle caches that used audio files. They were hosted elsewhere, and the puzzle cache description merely linked to them, as described earlier in this thread.


Yes me too. Though around here at least, lately reviewers won't allow them to be hosted on YouTube because of the commercial guideline. Though I think all hosting sites are commercial in some nature (YouTube being more obvious though).

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Reviewers are instructed to allow YouTube videos as an exception to the 'commercial website' aspect of the cache listing guidelines. It's a case of fun factor greatly outweighing the little bits of commercialism around the edges of their webpages.


Does that just apply specifically to YouTube, or also similar competitor sites like Vimeo?

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