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Help us choose our Logo

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We are trying to create a new Logo for TAG - Tulsa Area Geocachers. We have the following submissions. The poll is open to everyone and I encourage everyone to vote so we can get an idea of what looks best.














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We like #3 the best, but #1 would be wonderful if the yellow "S" showed up a little better.


#3 would show up better on a t-shirt. The "S" is the problem with #1 unless you do a gray t-shirt.


Of course, #2 is awesome as well. Gosh, why does it have to be so hard?????


Dan is going to do some examples and email them out to everyone.


"Nice find! I must go tell Harry, Ron and Hermione."

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I like #3. #1 is not bold enough, and #4 and 5 don't quite grab me. #2 looks like a hazmat sign. By the way, TAG was the name of the very last bull I rode, back in Mansfield, Texas, at the Kowbell Arena, before I gave it up. (He busted me up pretty good, what a ride!)


Go #3!

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Well, I have to eventually make a desicion. Plus we have to get the graphic ready in time to test it out on a new shirt before Fall Fest. So without further ado....


My personal favorite was #2 actually because it looked like the NFPA symbol. Since #3 is similar to my taste and currently in the lead then #3 is our winner. My other reasons for choosing #3 is due to how the graphic will look on other items.


I admit that I liked #1 when I first saw it a few months ago. However when I took the graphics and reduced them down to business card size #1 is totally unreadable and kind of awkward. Which is also the reason for my final choice.



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How about working the prayer tower or the 900' Jesus into the logo.

Sorry, couldn't help but take that easy shot. icon_wink.gif


I had some nifty ideas for a logo, but it seems that you've already chosen one. Too late the hero once again!


texasgeocaching_sm.gif Pink isn't well - he stayed back at the hotel.

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