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gerald Loughman

Describe Geocaching in 100 words or slightly over

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Hi there,


I've finally gotten through to the director of the Summer Camp I work at and he has added two days of Geocaching to our a la carte day programs list. He has asked me to describe the days in ~100 words, but I'm at a bit of a loss for it. Whenever I would do geocaching with groups I would just have so much to say and get them all hyped up, but that's kind of hard to do with that few words. Anyone else have any kind of issue like this that they have solved already? ANY help would be greatly appreciated.



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Maybe one of the following will inspire you.


Here's the description from REI's Intro to Geocaching class:

Come experience the fun new sport of Geocaching, the Internet-based hide-and-seek game that is growing by leaps and bounds across the country! REI Outdoor School Geocaching instructors will share how to use your GPS unit and astute powers of observation to find hidden caches around the local area. Learn strategies for locating cleverly hidden caches, how to use online "geo-tools", and Geocaching etiquette. Along the way, we will also teach basic GPS skills, including creating waypoints, plotting a course and transferring route information from a map to a GPS. We will provide GPS units and maps for your use as we discover locally hidden caches, or you are welcome to bring your own.

Here's the description from Groundspeak's brochure:

GEOCACHING is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online.


A Reason to Get Outdoors

Geocaching combines technology with outdoor adventure and is a great way to explore locations near and far. Pair geocaching with camping, hiking, biking, boating or any number of activities for an even more enjoyable experience.


The “Treasure”

In its simplest form, a geocache contains a logbook or logsheet for you to sign. Caches may also contain items for trade, but the journey in discovering a geocache is often the greatest reward.


Location, Location, Location

There are geocaches on every continent, from Antarctica to North America. They may be at your local park, the end of a long hike, underwater, or on the side of a city street.


A Global Community

People from all age groups can participate in geocaching, including families with children, students, adults and retirees. Geocaching is a great way to bring friends and family together while having fun outdoors.

Here's the description from Groundspeak's cache note:

It is part of a worldwide game dedicated to GPS (Global Positioning System) users, called Geocaching. The game basically involves a GPS user hiding "treasure" (this container and its contents), and publishing the exact coordinates so other GPS users can come on a "treasure hunt" to find it. The only rules are: if you take something from the geocache, you must leave something in the geocache, and you must write about your visit in the logbook.

Here's the description from the cache notes that I use:

Geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt using GPS. The basic rules are:

1. If you take something, then leave something.

2. Sign the log.

3. Put the container back where you found it.

Please re-seal the container carefully so it stays weather-proof. Do not leave anything edible, dangerous, or illegal. If you take something, then please leave something at least as valuable as what you took.

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