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Special Site Release - December 5, 2013

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those souvenirs start with "31", not "August", so alphabetically they come even before any souvenirs that start with "A".


We actually had a lot of debate on the best way to name those souvenirs, and this way made the most sense in order to have all the souvenirs appear near each other.


Putting in a "Is this souvenir hidden?" column into the database was relatively easy so it went out first. Now we just have to figure out how best to store things like custom grouping/folders, sorting, etc. Stay tuned!

You actually debated this before you considered spamming all those accounts with totally worthless graffiti? And you still went ahead with it? Wow. During all that debate, did at least one discussion participant mention that some members were going to think your August plan was so stupid that they would decide to NOT FIND ANY CACHES AT ALL IN AUGUST? The discussion instead was only about how to name it so they would stay close to each other? I could have offered you a few choice suggestions. Thank You very little for ruining a very pleasant month in the Northeast (sorry, Mid Atlantic) for me. What is your plan to compensate me for those lost opportunities?


You already know you can never make everybody happy, but you seem to have to constantly work to make different groups a little less unhappy. Fewer bad ideas up front (better mistakes?) would require less damage control later. We have the ability to hide these now (done). Delete would have been better, but don't waste any more time on this.


This is one of the more insulting posts I've seen in these forums in a long, long time. Radnor decided to undertake this project on his own initiative after seeing the request from users for such a feature. He was not part of the group that decided we should take on the 31 Days promotion, but even if he had been he wouldn't have deserved this sort of rant.


And, reading this after posting my last post, I'd like to offer my thanks to Radnor for taking an interest in an issue that many were concerned about, and developing a solution that should be satisfactory to all.

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