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10th Birthday Earthcache souvenir?


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As of now, there is no souvenir.

However, it is an option being explored, but for now, I'd say don't plan on it.

If one does happen to come about, we'll post about it in here and elsewhere.

Best wishes,



10 years of Earthcaches don't deserve a souvenir? Then I don't understand... I think it is at least as important as all the souvenirs created for last august... I propose to use the image of the geocoin as souvenir, that would be easier for you.

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10 years of Earthcaches don't deserve a souvenir? Then I don't understand... I think it is at least as important as all the souvenirs created for last august...

I normally don't care one way or the other, but this made sense to me.

My other 2/3rds cares enough about the things that we didn't cache the entire month.

Learning experience, approved by a team separate from Groundspeak to retain some manner of consistency and lasted ten years when quite a few other cache-types didn't.

Sure, why not?

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Seriously? We get a souvenir for everyday of August for some meaningless milestone(?) and something as important as a Tenth Anniversary rates "I'll think about it?". Power to the People. Start emailing, Twitter, Facebook, and phoning Groundspeak to let them know we ain't happy and Christmas vacation is no excuse. Act now.

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I think the 10th Anniversary of Geocaching definitely deserves a souvenir! If people attend events dedicated for the occasion or "find" an earthcache on that date, it's a fairly big deal. GSA has been an amazing supporter of hosts of events on that day, sending prizes and support materials! I think this milestone is much more deserving than "go find a cache today" souvenirs.

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Really, no souvenir.....Wow Groundspeak picks some odd ones to give them to, and misses the boat on others.

Have to agree with Mainiac1957 - the anniversary of a great program like Earthcaching is very deserving of a souvenir - much more so than just going out and grabbing a cache a day or a few other things which have been memorialized (IMHO)!

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I wish there could be a souvenir as well. If only it were possible!


A word of advice here folks: It's fine to chime in with agreement and to voice your enthusiasm for some sort of recognition for the wonderful milestone, but please be careful to adhere to the forum guidelines. I really don't want to shut this thread down.

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Domo again!


Event description ready, and waiting a bit longer for any good to news to add.


I really hope 'they' up there are not sitting on the final decision whether or not to award a Souvenir during this holiday break.




BTW, I read the email sent from earthcache@geosociety.org about this EarthCache 10th Birthday, and they mentioned also about the special EarthCache 10th Birthday Coin and Tag. I still cannot seem to find them neither at Landsharkz and Shop Geocaching. Anyone know where and when can we purchase these? I need to fetch a few for myself, AND for the EarthCache 10th Birthday Event cache raffle.





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Here's a thought.... Why don't you all book a trip to Australia and come to the special event to mark the 10th Anniversary? I will be there!! The weather is perfect over here at this time of year. Long, sunny days... beautiful beaches.... great geocaching!! It's summer down under!!! :laughing:




G'Day Calypso62! :antenna:


Oh, we all WISH we could join you down there... :cry:

One day... :anitongue:


Unfortunately, due to limitation of resources, we'll celebrate in the dead cold Winter up here. :grin:



Happy Holidays! :santa:

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We also support the wish for a souvenir.


We'll celebrate this special day with an Event on Januar 10, and would like to have a Coin there as well.


Where did you find this coin Dr.MORO?



Still no word on the souvenir, sadly...

Anyone up there listening?


Anyways, de jonge prinsen, found it with help from fellow cacher foragess here.

EarthCache 10th Birthday Geocoin and Tag Set - 5 (five) pack

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If a souvenir is awarded for attending an event to celebrate the 10 year anniversary, and I hope it is, could it also include events that are held on Saturday, 11th January? I am part of Geocaching NSW, the group that is organising the event (GC4MHPN) at the actual Earthcache site itself on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. Because of the distance from Sydney and surrounds, holding an event on Friday, 10th would mean that few cachers would be able to travel to the event location. By holding it on the Saturday, more people can attend. It would be a shame to miss out on the souvenir because our event was held on the Saturday instead of the Friday. Fingers crossed!

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As of now, there is no souvenir.


If one does happen to come about, we'll post about it in here and elsewhere.


A few of us tried to contact various people at Groundspeak about a souvenir and there has been no change from this post that GeoawareHQ posted a while ago. Don't count on it at this time. Sorry

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Well, it's a pity we will have to tell our 26 event-attendees this sad stupid news.

It's a shame.


Domo again.


Sadly, seems like it's a "No Go" decision by Groundspeak... :(


10th Anniversary of the EarthCache - The Geocaching Blog


Within the comment section below, Eric Schudiske replies to my post:

"... Unfortunately there's no souvenir this time around."


Boooooooo :angry:

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