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62S $199, Oregon 450 $169

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GPS City Black Friday sale.....free shipping.




which would you buy, and why?




Never mind, I just figured that if you just bought 3 of the 62s, then you like that one best!


Yeah , I have a 450 but like the 62S better. For me the 450 requires multiple repeat touches ( sometimes just with my fingernail ), panning the map is a real pain, darker screen.

The 62 has a brighter screen and the ribbon menu can be configured so just a couple of buttons does everything you need. Also has the nice big quad antenna for under canopy. I just realized yesterday.....my wife always used the 450 and really, its a " two hands unit "......I use mine while driving and the buttons make it a breeze for one hand use.

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Okay, another question - if I were to get the 62s With City Navigator and Topo US 100k, can you combine (layer?) the two maps to put on the unit?


I bought 2 similar to this on Ebay




Both work fine and cost about $65-$70 retail.


Several maps come on the Garmin and when you put the CN card above in to the unit its listed along with the others as well.....the 62 will show all the maps as being ENABLED ( I've never disabled any )....I don't have Topo so I don't know if it overlays....I would assume it would.

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