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Geocoin Cointest - Happy Thanksgiving USA 2013

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First let me say Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends here, I wish you the best and may your turkey be done just right.


Now it is a day to give thanks but also to watch football. There are 3 games scheduled for today and I think it only right that we have our own game here. So I’ve picked the Steelers vs the Ravens game for your cointest.


Real simple; pick a team to win and pick a total score. So say the final was 21 – 10 Steelers & I had guessed Steelers 31, I would have won.



1) No whinnying, the grapes have been stomped and will be served at diner.

2) You may make a prediction (guess) every 4 hours, that will give you a little better odds of winning

3) The cointest closes at the first kick off (between 8:30 & 9 pm, I’ll announce it)

4) Coin choice and any rule adjustments are at my discretion (see RULE #1)


Well good luck and May the best team win (Steelers) but I won’t try to influence anyone :ph34r:

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