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Searching for Travel Bugs


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I can't find that anyone has asked this before but sorry if it's not a new question.

We go longish distance travelling quite often and want to be able to help as many TBs as possible to get to different areas and even countries. Can we search for caches with TBs in them locally to where we live or are staying so we can help them to their goals or just rack up the miles ?

OR, is this not considered good etiquette ? We wouldn't hold on to them for long but since finding our first TB which had been languishing in a cache for months and helping it on a few thousand miles we've really enjoyed this aspect of caching.

Thanks for any help.

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The geocoin homepage shows coins in caches near you: Geocoin homepage. Unfortunately the travel bug homepage does not have a similar option. When you're looking at a list of caches near you, the "Info" column will have a trackable symbol in it if there are trackables in the cache. Remember that this does not guarantee that there's actually a trackable in the cache though! :) If you have a cache you want to visit specifically to pick up the trackable(s) inside, the best thing to do is to first check out the trackable's page to see how long it's been in that particular cache. If it was recently put in, then it's more likely it's actually there. If it was put in months ago (and it's a relatively frequently-visited cache), then it's less likely the trackable is still in that cache.


And yes, it's totally acceptable to go hunting for trackables to take with you on a trip... assuming, of course, that your trip is helping the trackable toward it's goal. Which is another good reason to check the trackable's page before going to the cache to pick it up. :D

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You can create a pocket query to find caches with trackables logged into them. My PQ has these boxes checked and radio buttons selected:


Type of Cache: Traditional, Multi, Unknown

Any Container

That AND: *Is Enabled, and *Have Travel Bugs

(X miles from my location)


You can preview the PQ results in a list or on a map. I do this rather than sending it to my device.

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Thanks for such helpful responses so quickly. I’ve now started checking the info column on searches (mainly used the map facility before so good to be pointed towards the lists again) and yes, I realise that it doesn’t mean there will be TBs there (encountered that problem already – shame but that’s life :( ). Also started looking at Geocoins but I have to admit I find them a bit confusing – so many different goals.


Now off to investigate Pocket Queries.


Thanks again. :D

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