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I found an old acquaintance from years ago.

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While I am new to benchmarking, I was playing with zip codes last night. I was entering the zips for each of the places I have lived the last 15 years (4 moves). I was checking out the marks that have been logged and there was a link to one of the users websites. I visited it and it turns out to be the local pizza maker in a small town I lived in for 3 years! I sent him an email to verify that it was truly him and he replied.


This is so cool that I could stumble onto someone thousands of miles away that I haven't seen in almost 10 years.




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I checked with a friend of mine from the TAG to be sure before I started pointing my finger.


The current 'leader' of the TAG is Beatnik at geocache@cox.net. He is the one to talk to if you have any questions relating to Geo-topics in the Tulsa area.


They have a monthly meeting that information can be found at 'Tulsa Area Geocachers Meeting'. I have not had a chance to attend one of their meetings, as I live in the OKC area, and attend the local meetings, but would venture to say it is a good place to meet locals that have similar interests as yourself.


If you have an questions at all, please feel free to contact Beatnik or myself zahrim@cox.net at any time. We are both more than happy to help if we can. If we can't, I'm sure we can find you another POC that can help in some way.




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