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Nightcache Newcastle


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Are you looking for a specifc night cache or just caching at night, as most of teh cacehs in the city centre are easily found by day or night, as I found the majority there after work in the winter when in the dark, the milenium bridge does look good in the evening too.


Contact Northumbriabiker for local details as he is active in the area.

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I live in Newcastle...


There are only a couple of night caches close by. The closest is http://coord.info/GC1WK3B but it's very short and hardly worth the effort.

A more recent one is http://coord.info/GC4QE1A in Beamish, which is about 12km south of Newcastle. You can get a bus to Beamish (http://www.simplygo.com/our-services/the-waggonway) which takes approx 50 minutes. The cache itself takes 20-30 minutes and is in a conifer woodland that is well drained and fairly dry under foot.

The BBC series which is close by (http://coord.info/GC18AF7) is a very pleasant walk if you want to make an afternoon of it before the night cache.


There used to be another one close by but it was recently archived.


Otherwise you'll just have to resort to normal caches in the dark. There are some interesting historical multis in the city :-

http://coord.info/GC1CXPJ is based round the quayside and gives good views of the bridges

http://coord.info/GC4AF88 should give a good tour of the city


http://coord.info/GC1PJKH and http://coord.info/GC426QP are both good traditionals which take you to some interesting locations.


If you need any more info just ask



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Thank you.

The BBC series is a nice walk indeed. We already did it during a holiday in Beamish. The nightcache overthere looks really nice. Maybe we need another holiday in Beamish.


I think we'll go for the 4 normal caches you named. I placed them in top of my wishlist. Don't know how much caches we'll do, because we have some museums we want to visit as well.

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