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Need help with Lithuanian to English translation

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Dear fellow Geocachers:


I have sent this request to the Archbishop of Lithuania as well as the Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States but have not received replies, so I'm turning to my fellow Geocachers from Lithuania hoping you can help.


I recently found two old, Catholic missals that belonged to my mother as a young girl. My mother was first-generation American, her mother and father were Lithuanian. Both missals are written in Lithuanian.


I was recently diagnosed with stage-4 ovarian cancer, and would like to give each of my two nieces one of the missals so they have a precious item that once belonged to their grandmother. I plan to give them as Christmas presents to the girls and thought it would be nice to have the first page of each missal translated from Lithuanian into English. So far, I have been unsuccessful in finding an online Internet site that can translate the pages successfully. I was hoping that perhaps you might be able to assist in making the translation for me.


Below is the written word from the first page of one of the missals. It is a prayer. If you would be so kind as to translate it for me, I would be deeply appreciative, and would send you the language from the first page of the second missal if it would not be asking too much.


Following is the prayer:



Sitai, as, o geras ir saldziausis Jezau, puoliu ant keliu dvasios karstumu prasau Taves ir meldziu, idant teiktumeis jspausti i mano sirdi gyvus tikejimo, vilties ir meiles jausmus, taip-pat tikraji gailesti uz mano nuodemes ir tvirciausiaji nora pasitaisyti, kad as su didziu drasios graudumu ir skausmu pats prisiziuriu Tavo penkiomis zaizdomis ir apie jas dumoju, turedamas pries akis ta, ka jau Dovidas pranasas Tavo lupomis tare apie Tave, ,,o genrasis Jezau! Perdure mano rankas ir mano kojas, ir suskaite visus mano kaulus!"



Lori Wright

Bailey, Colorado USA

Geocache name: newsjunkie80421

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