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Functioning trouble with my tablet

Sol seaker

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I bought a tablet to use to geocache and it's not working.


The main thing I wanted it for was to view the maps and when I press a cache icon it does not bring up the cache.


I have a nook (no its not just a book reader) that's about 6 x9 inches.


I don't want an app if its like my phone app. It drives me nuts only being able to view a handful of caches at a time. I bought a bigger screen to see more caches.



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I don't use an app for my tablet, just use wifi and the main site. Viewing the caches from the map sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I haven't figured out the magic way of tapping the screen to open them all the time. I know this doesn't help, but keep fiddling with it, you might come up with the perfect technique

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I have a Motorola Xoom tablet that is WIFI and 4G. On geocaching.com I sometimes have to tap on the cache icon several times before the cache page becomes available. I don't know if the target spot on the screen is so small that I have to hit it just right or what. A work around I use is when I do get on a cache page I use the find nearest cache option to get to other cache pages.

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