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Photos in cgeo logs not showing up correctly

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My phone runs Android, and I use cgeo as my geocaching app. When I add a photo to a log, the photo appears to send normally, but when I go to look at the photo on geocaching.com, all that's there in place of the photos are black rectangles. How can I fix this?



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Well, C;geo is not endorsed by Groundspeak-it steals the information off of the website. While it does work most of the time, not being an official app, and communicating with the website does have it's drawbacks-namely the fact that there's not much you can do about it. If this thread lives, you'll get others who say the same thing as I am. If not, you'll get a mod saying this is not the proper place to discuss this product, and you should go to the product's website, if you have issues with them.


As for fixing the pictures, all I can think of is to email them to yourself and load them to the website using a desktop computer.


I think I covered every angle here. How to fix it here, where to go to fix it, and the cons of using said product. So unless somebody has another, more direct way of fixing it, or has something good to say about the product-that happens to be on topic-every other answer will be of some variation of what I have said.


In short

-Not official app=no help from Groundspeak.

-Not a Groundspeak product/problem=go to the app developer to fix/repair

-Load pictures manually until the app is fixed, or you use a different app.

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I'm pretty sure this is something we don't really talk about on here but while it is still up the app has gotten so slow I almost can't use it anymore. I know this is crazy talk to the long time cachers who had to download them before leaving the house but it now takes a min or two sometimes longer on my phone to pull up the info on a cache on that app. There are times I can't spend 20 min or so to check out what cache I might want to go for next. First world Problem! :)

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C:geo is the only app I've ever used aside from my GPS and even though it can be buggy at times, I've overall enjoyed the many additional features that it offers as opposed to the official app. Not to mention, I like the user interface a bit more as well. The add image to log feature is relatively new still and I also find it to be pretty buggy. I can't say I've ever had the same issue as the OP, but I have noticed that sometimes I'll post a picture with my log and it may show up sideways.


Something OP may want to try is immediately refreshing the cache page within the app, then view the picture from the app and see what happens. If not, then I'd suggest contacting the app developer and making them aware of the bug so they can take care of it. It could be that the feature is just not compatible with your device. Luckily, c:geo has an "open in browser" option right from the menu button on your device while viewing the cache page within the app. Until the bug is worked out, I'd use that as your best option to upload your photos instead of uploading through the app.

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