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Streaks starting August 1st are now at 100 days!

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Did anyone else end their streak today?
I ended my streak today. Technically, I suppose I could still go out and find one in the 1 hour, 44 minutes before midnight. But I don't want to continue my streak another year, and if I'm not going to continue it another year, then I figure I should rip the bandage off quickly and get it over with.
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Let's try and keep this thread to discussing the August caching streaks from last year, not about cache violations. Thanks, everyone.


Yes she's right.


A new thread should be started about cache violations.


I haven't checked, has anyone done that yet? This would be a good one to start with. I really hate it when caches are screwed into living trees.

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I Believe The Leprechauns should have also posted a NA log, or at least sent a PM to the Reviewer who published that cache. Guideline violations like that can have bad effects on geocaching in that area, if the wrong person sees a geocache screwed into a tree.


That was amazing, working IBTL into that. :lol: I can verify a newbie in my area placing a cache on a USPS mailbox, after finding one on a USPS mailbox, and thinking it was OK. I actually had a streak question though. This Spring, I matched my all time longest streak (an amazing 8 days). In the Geocaching.com statistics, it still shows such a streak as happening in 2007. So when you tie something, it doesn't update to the latest one?

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Ummm, yeah. I know how that works, thanks. :rolleyes:


So... have you reported it?

Of course he reported it. That would be the right thing to do.


No, he contends the park gave explicit permission for it, although seemingly surprised by it at the same time. This implies that the guidelines can be ignored under the right conditions.

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