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Suggestions for Caches in the Des Moines, Iowa Area? (to visit)

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Thanks for the information. I remember going fishing as a kid at Water Works Park, I heard its changed alot since then due to a flood you had back in the 90's. We're looking forward to caching in the Des Moines area.


Shawn & Katrina Millang


Shawn & Katrina Millang

aka The Coasties

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Just noticed this thread, but thought I'd join in since I have word the Coasties will still be in the area for the next few days (and for the benefit of anyone else that stumbles in here).


I'd second the recommendation on the WaterWorks park tour. The Ashworks cache is not that far from the Great Plains cache. You can do all 6 from the single parking location.


I also like the nearby Eager Beaver (GC31D0) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=12752 One word of recommendation though - disregard the parking coordinates for Eager Beaver. Just park in any Grays Lake parking lot near the cache coordinates.



West Des Moines, IA

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We've been in the Des Moines area since 11 January and have had a wonderful time thus far. We've located 7 caches so far; and I must admit they're a little harder than we though they would be, mainly due to your devious hiding techniques. Our schedule at night is pretty filled, but we're free during the day time. Hope we can hookup, we really like meeting fellow geocachers. We found the following caches so far:


* Postcards (1/12)

* Derby (1/13)

* Not Here (1/13)

* Who Forted (1/14)

* Eager Beaver (1/14)

* Debbie's (1/14)

* Water Works South (1/14)


We have a travel bug with us on this trip, and we're hoping to deposit it tomorrow @ the Water Works cache rated a 3/3.


We've been doing our duty on this trip introducing geocaching to our relatives, if things workout we may have another couple geocaching in the area soon icon_smile.gif


Shawn & Katrina Millang

aka The Coasties

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