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Montana Glitch

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I bought a Montana 650T some months ago and I have been gradually setting it up with maps and creating profiles etc....

I use it for hunting and will turn it on and let it run as I drive or hike around. I turn on the track so I can see a trail of where I have been and I refer back to the unit often, zooming and panning and changing screens. I have noticed two glitches.


1. occasionally (possibly when I lose satellites momentarily) the screen will freeze. It twill stop showing my current position or that I am still moving and I have to reboot to correct it.


2. This bug surfaced this last weekend. with the Track ON I will be traveling and showing a track then it will reset and the track will disappear with a new track resuming from where I left off. This could pose a problem since I usually don't way-point my vehicle, simply just track back. I have looked in the track log and the track is gone.


What the heck is going on?

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It's called a "Freeze' usually the Gps works normally after about 3/4 miles.

While it's frozen the Gps will register the track in the background.

Only the screen isn't working.

AFA(we)K it has nothing with loosing satellites, but more with map road priority.


Garmin is aware of this problem for about 2 years now, I know this for sure, because we communicated for about a month about this consistent problem, however they never resolved the problem.

Probably because not many people reported this problem.


In your case be sure you only have 1 routable map active AND not missing any maptiles, if you use a routable map.


The latest firmware 5.40 seems to have resolved a big part of this problem but not completely.



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As Splashy says, the map-freeze seems to have gone in fw 5.40, yet the instructions in the Nüvi dashboard in Auto, still freeze quite often when, driving through areas with junctions following each other relatively fast. Maybe not an issue in the U S of A, but in Europe, with it's small towns, it is. Well, at least for me.

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