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A happy (happy) TB story

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In July 2012 my family all released TB's in Kent, Southern England.


The goal was for all four TB's to race back to Switzerland, ideally close to where we live.

But naturally we were also realistic - we explained to the kids (aged 5 and 7 at the time) that once they were out in the 'wild' it was highly probable that the TB's might get 'lost'. Or they might travel around, but never make it home.


Tonight I got a message that some wonderful person has placed my 8 year old daughter's TB in a cache less than 20kms from our home!!! Not to mention the other 100+ cachers who helped it get this far. :D


Tomorrow morning I am off to try and collect our TB - the first to make it home.


Of the 4 TB's we released 3 are still traveling, and one is in the possession of a regular cacher who has had it for over a year. I am still hopeful about that one.


Fingers crossed that tomorrow we can bring home our travel bug. After over 4000kms I think it probably deserves a rest :)

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