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Looking 60Cx Parts (Main Board)

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Hello Everyone,


So life got in the way of caching for a while. I was planning on getting back into the fun and pulled out my Garmin 60Cx and the older Legend Cx. Sadly I was dumb and left batteries in both of them. Both exploded.


Haven't gotten around to taken the Legend apart to try and fix, it but its dead right now.


I managed to take apart the 60Cx, cleaned it and got it up and running again, but the SD card slot is most likely beyond repair. So if anyone has a broken 60Cx or knows of a place to get a new main board, please let me know. I'm sure its probably cheaper and easier to just replace it and sell this one "as is" but its worth looking into first.


Love Caching with topo maps.


Thanks for any help.


Now to try and fix the Legend.

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