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62S screen navigation

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On my dashboard I have 4 icons: Main Menu, Compass, Maps and Geocaches. If I click on geocaches, I get the list of geocaches loaded in the unit. Which is exactly what I want. However, once I go and read the description, hint or logs and then go back to the dashbaord and click geocaches again, it takes me right back to the one I was just reading about. The only way I have seen so far to get back to the list of all caches is to scroll down on the caches I am currently viewing and click on find another. Does anyone know of a shorter method to get back to the list of geocaches?

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Press the FIND button then select STOP NAVIGATION....then your list is back.

I almost never use the list.....on the map screen you can put the pointer on a cache , press enter, then read all about the cache. The LIST shows caches in order of nearest and often I may not be going to the nearest cache next so I like the map screen and pointer for reading info.,....if you want to go there after reading press ENTER again to navigate to it. If for some reason I abort a search I do the FIND / STOP NAVIGATION as above.

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I do like the FIND button, then stop navigation. The map screen works well too. One of the things I liked about my 60csx was being able to move from screen to screen without looking at the screen. Just using memory to get to the screen I wanted, Then looking at it. When driving, keeping the eyes on the road is #1. You've saved me a couple of button pushes just by introducing the find/stop navigation sequence.

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