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Can you set Challenges involving Trackables found in a number of days


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that won't be as hard as you think. Some people pick up lists at events with hundreds and then log them later. Many already probably qualify and you can't make it from now forward.


You would also need a way to verify this and I don't see anything in the stats that has that kind of result.

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Walts Hunting has nailed this. Verification of any time frame on trackable logs is tough... You must know how you're planning to do it. That's part of writing up the challenge page.


I take it you've not attended an event where there were binders of coins sitting around for discovery.


To this this, a cacher could go to an event, and grab a trackable code list from a collection. Many owners hand out printed lists of their trackables. I've seen many collections & printed lists that exceed 200.

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That doesn't sound interesting to me because it's not something that anyone could accomplish in the normal course of geocaching. There just aren't that many TBs in the wild, so the only way to do it would be with a list -- either "valid" via a large event, or just a list of TBs you've never seen -- or with flat out cheating.


A much smaller number, say 7 in 7 days, could be pulled off by searching for trackables and going out of your way to track them down, so that might be OK. Just be sure to specify that they all have to be found in different caches to keep people from using one event or one popular TB hotel to make it trivial. You might even consider making it 7 TBs, one on each of 7 consecutive days.


Even with that, though, I'd probably still consider it annoying. I like TBs, but I wouldn't be too thrilled about a challenge that forces people to find them. That elevates the all too common missing TB from being a minor disappointment to a true frustration.

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I have this idea for a challenge


In order to claim the cache you need to have logged 200 trackables in 200 days or less.


This is my first attempt at a challenge cache and I would love some feedback on the idea please

If it showed up in my blast radius, then I'd ignore it. In 7+ years of geocaching, I've logged fewer than 200 trackables. But maybe if I attended a mega-event, I'd drop by the trackables table, photograph a couple hundred trackables, spend a few hours logging them, and then finally log the challenge cache.
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