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Is there a way to be notified when a new cache has been set up in my area? I have only one FTF and it was only by luck that I got that one.


Asked and answered many, many, many times on the forums. The search function works well for this type of thing, especially when one uses the word "notified" (notifications).


Help Center



over on the left side: Premium Membership



1.5. Instant Notifications



Did you mean this to be posted in the "Canada" subforum? It's often posted in the "Getting Started" subforum.




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Go into your account or on your quick profile, there a list on the right hand side of the screen. Look for notifications... click it and set up how you like.


It's under Premium Features.

Thanks for the direction. After spending better than an hour trying to research it I surrendered and went to the forum. Gawd, there are litrally 10's of thousands of pages to read, each page supplying more and more information. I appreciate the quick response.

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