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Anybody Selling an Etrex H?

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Yeah, I know it's old technology, but I apparently lost mine somewhere, and I love it. If you have one in good working condition that you're selling, post here or contact me.

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Just grabbed one on fleabay for $55!




Service menu said it had been used for only 10.5 hours, lol.


As new...



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Are you saying you're looking to flip it, or that I should look around on "FleaBay"? In fact I have one on the way from CraigsList, "used but in very good condition" (we'll see about that). If it doesn't turn out as advertised I might still be in the market, so please clarify.


Oh, PS -- service menu? There's someplace you can tell how long it's been used? Wasn't aware of that.

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Not flipping...


The Garmin eTrex has few hidden features, which could be forced to show up, with the help of a service menu. However, the service menu is not accessible directly, and must be invoked with the following Garmin GPS hack.


Note: This is a hidden screen designed only for testing/service purposes, and is not expected to be used by the normal user.


garmin etrex service menu


Step1: Power off your Garmin eTrex device.


Step 2: Hold the Up + Page keys simultaneously.


Step 3: Power up the unit while holding the above mentioned keys.

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