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Amateur Radio Geocoin?

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I found a thread from 2006 talking about a possibility of having an amateur radio themed geocoin created. Anyone know if this happened and/or if these are available to purchase?





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Hi Jerry-


The Geocoin Store used to sell an amateur radio geocoin. Here's the link to it, but it looks like it's been sold out for quite some time. My dad got me mine (TB1DWGG) through a trade, but I can't find anyone selling one now. I know a local ham/cacher who one with another design that he had his callsign engraved onto. Maybe if we get enough hamcachers we can design a new one or bring back one of the old ones.


-Sutter, Mr.Moo, KI6ZON

(PS I really enjoy your podcast. I'm very behind on listening to it, though... :) )

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