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Biogas Plants

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I'm dealing with the idea of a new category: Biogas Plants


Do you know what this is? These are power plants which use renewable energy.

The priciple can be found here: http://en.wikipedia....ki/Biogas_plant



This is a typical Biogas Power Plant.


These power plants came up more and more in the last years in Germany. Surely they can also be found in other corners of the world.


We have categories for several types of 'power plants': nuclear power, wind mills, solar power, hydroelecttric power - maybe some more.

But we do not have a category covering Biogas Plants.

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There are biogas plants generating electricity in Australia using methane extracted from mines, piggeries & recently a meat works in northern NSW. Methane is stored in tanks or bladders. In Queensland sugar mills convert bagasse into energy. However none are accessible to the public & being on a much smaller scale that conventional power plants may be hard to identify or photograph. Your photograph shows the tank where the methane is produced or stored but where is the actual power plant?

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I think Tuena has identified the problems with this one - identification and access. Okay, we do have some other categories in this vein that aren't really publicly accessible, but they can be easily identified with coordinates somewhere near. I think of the hydroelectric category, windmills (which include wind turbines), and nuclear power plants. And, as Tuena points out, biogas storage facilities may not necessarily be where the generating plant is.

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